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Food Grade
Food Grade

Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Brand protection

See below real cases, and decide whether your company can afford the negative and brand tarnishing effects of food contamination, which could have easily been avoided by the use of
food-approved lubricants such as Fuchs specially formulated Cassida range.

The major categories of incidents are environmental contaminations: spills 28%, natural chemical contamination 13%, salmonella, listeria etc. 11%, physical contamination 10% Source FSA

Packaging Industry

A wide range testing series has revealed alarmingly high lubricant contaminated packaging used to sell food products. The contamination level was found to be up to sixty times higher than was deemed safe. Authorities are calling for a major re-think on how the packaging is produced.

Lubricant contamination is a constant threat in the food processing industry; even trace quantities of oil can result in damaged batches or products, and force a company to undertake a reputation and brand damaging product recall.

Animal Feeds

Where oils and greases are required for the lubrication of machinery used in the production of animal feeds there will always be a potential risk of contamination of the finished product. This may happen as a result of leaking gear boxes, hydraulic hoses and bearings etc. Ever tightening legislation to safeguard the food chain is placing greater responsibility on the manufacturer for food quality and safety. To eliminate this risk, food grade NFS H1 lubricants are required to protect your brand.

The use of Fuchs Cassida food grade lubricants – which are non-toxic, odourless, colourless and tasteless satisfies food legislation requirements and meets equipment and application criteria (see safety and approvals)...

Food and Beverage Industry

Machinery used in food and beverage processing has many moving parts requiring reliable and efficient operation. Food and beverage contamination can occur from drips off chains, hydraulic hose failure, oil leaks from seals and gearboxes and oil mist etc. This can result in food recalls which are devastating to brand protection. Using food grade lubricants will help protect against this...

"Sliced turkey products recalled" After contamination by leading food manufacturer.

"Oil in baby food found" A firm has recalled infant formula milk after it was found to be contaminated with harmful lubricants.

"Sunflower oil contaminated with mineral oil from Ukraine" Dispatched to several European countries.

"Bottled soft drink recall" Contaminated with non food grade lubricants.

"1,421,182 cases of macaroni and cheese recalled" Product contaminated with a compressed air lubricant.

…and can mean the difference between successful products on the shelves, or product recalls, legal action and the negative consequences these have on a company's reputation and brand equity.

Don’t be one of our case studies, ring Lincol now and see how we can keep your products safe and production moving.